You might be tempted to think VigRX® Delay Spray is just about you. And yes, you stand to gain pleasure like you can’t imagine with this popular male desensitizer. But it takes two to tango, and it may also help intimacy with your partner in crime.

Women want the joy of orgasm and everything that leads up to it. This may seem obvious, but a British study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests many women go without it – in large part because their men have ejaculatory issues.

Yes, we’ll say it, many guys finish too early. It affects her enjoyment of sex and quality of the relationship.


Ideally, women want intercourse for 23 minutes. That was the pooled response from the roughly 1,500 women in the study, all of whom were between 20 and 50.

All of the women were involved with a man who ejaculated earlier than he wanted, had a history of premature ejaculation and/or wanted more control over his finish.

Of These Women:

  • 1
    47.6% wanted to be kissed and caressed more
  • 2
    41.4% were sexually dissatisfied
  • 3
    About 40% said ejaculatory control was very important

Perhaps even more notable was the impact of premature ejaculation. A whopping 78.6% of the women who self-reported a sexual problem said it occurred with a man who finished too early.

Another study, of 500 couples from five different countries, found the average intercourse lasted 5.5 minutes. You’re in ‘early’ territory if you finish before that.

Use VigRX® Delay Spray to…

  • Last longer in bed, build your stamina, and see how long you last from foreplay to intercourse.
  • VigRX® Delay Spray is designed to reduce penile stimuli. That matters because the latter is a major reason why guys finish before they like. It’s easy to use – just spray it on and wait 10 minutes. You’re welcome to wash it off with a damp towel as well if you plan on having oral sex.
  • Most guys find VigRX® Delay Spray dramatically boosts how long they last before ejaculation. There’s a practice component working here too (tough life, huh?). So get on it. Start using VigRX® Delay Spray and love your partner.
  • Kiss her. Put your hands on your partner and start her fires. She wants you to finish when you’re ready, but she has needs too. That’s why VigRX® Delay Spray is so popular – and why you need to place your order now.


VigRX® Delay Spray will transform your sex life because it tells the genitalia to slow down and enjoy the sexual experience. You’re giving HER a chance to enjoy having sex with you as well, because you’ll last longer, and help her hit the joy of climax. So get on it – secure your order of VigRX® Delay Spray NOW and get to work. It’s an investment in sexual wellness and enjoyment. And just maybe, your relationship too!

VigRX Delay Spray

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